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    Scott Pure - Jeremie Heitz

    Anyone heard more about these?

    They sound too light for my taste, but anything Jeremie Heitz gets my attention. Could be a good travel ski.

    Edit: 1850gr @ 182. 2000gr @ 190.

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    Dang, those sound pretty nice. So many great skis in this range. Sounds like a competitor to the Armada Declivity 108 coming out next year.

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    I haven't had great experiences with Scott's version of "3d sidecut". It's exactly the opposite of how that concept is used in volkl's lineup, to much better effect IMO. Volkl put the tighter radius under foot and longer radii at the tip and tail. IME (with the M102) this leads to a very intuitive feel - it lets the ski make a really wide variety of carved and slarved turn shapes.

    The Scott version on the other hand puts the tighter radius at the ends of the skis. It sounds like a recipe for hookiness, and in my experience owning the scrapper 105 and 115 it most definitely is. On firmer snow the middle of the ski has a giant radius, but as soon as the tips engage they want to yank across the fall line. In any kind of less than perfect 3d snow I find this pretty un-fun and exhausting to try to stay on top of.

    The Scrapper 115 in particular i think has a lot going for it - it's a burly ski at a light weight and if it wasn't for that flared out tip, I think it'd be an awesome chargey touring ski that still let's you break the tail loose when you want. I am actually considering an angle grinder and some epoxy to reshape the tips...

    Obviously Jeremie Heitz rips the living s**t out of them, but that's my 2 cents as a mortal.

    And people seem to like the superguide freetour, which I haven't skied. In the specs it's called out as having "3Dimension Touring Sidecut", but looking at the shape it really doesn't look like it has that fat flared tip like the scrappers, so maybe (hopefully?) that's what the Pure will look like

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    FWIW I find my Scrapper 124s very intuitive...if I’m not highly angulating them, they carve longer radius turns as I’m essentially engaging the 2/3 of the ski, but as I get them on edge more they feel shorter radius.

    In my Praxis / Volkl / Head fatty quiver I found myself reaching for the Scrapper 124s so much I bought a second pair & put kingpins on them.

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    Based on this photo I have a feeling the ski will feel very different for me versus him.
    Click image for larger version. 

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