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    Best "Budget" 700c wheels?

    Looking to pick up some new wheels to make the gravel bike a little more road capable -- anyone have any budget wheel set suggestions?

    Considering Hunt wheels, but have heard very mixed things about them.

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    I have a set of SL 240s that I be selling in a couple of weeks. They are alloy and came stock on the 2018 Diverge Expert. 24mm IW with DT Swiss 350 rear hub (front is specialized). Let me know if interested.

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    I bought ROL when I was in your situation. They were offering some 30% off Christmas sale or something.
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    try . I've used several of their alloy wheelsets on different bikes for road, gravel, commuting, over the past decade. Low bling, low price, never any problems.

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    I'm just here to post this, again, since people still appear to think Hunt is a real manufacturer. Just go straight to the source. BTLOS, Farsports, Light Bicycle, etc. Or you can just get some non-branded ones from Aliexpress.

    Stock wheelsets like Sethshmautz's are prob heavy but would be fine if you're ok with that. Many of us have a couple of sets of 1800+g wheels sitting around.

    Bonus points to Seth for correctly using IW to describe the Inner Width of his rims!

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    We need more information. Thru axle? Disc or clincher? Bomber or light? Hub compatibility/gearing?

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    Bump, personally looking for some 700c/29er rims that are about the right width for a 50mm/2.0" tire on the gravel/rigid MTB. Ripped a nipple right through the rim last weekend whilst indiscriminately mashing through fist-sized rocks, figure I should at least price out new rims in case I can't get a nipple to stay in this rim anymore.

    Cheaper carbon rims would be cool, but decent quality aluminum is fine too. This bike has to handle daily commuting, longish road/gravel riding, lite singletrack, and occasional Pemberton railroad gaps. Okay maybe not the last one.

    Current rims are Stan's ZTR 355 in the front and ZTR Arch in the back (now possibly broken/un-trueable). I think I want around 25mm internal width, but I don't really know. I would just get some WTB KOM Lights, but they only have 35mm internal width in stock.

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