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    Bummer James Mcmurrtrey's dad died

    I liked his books.
    Great stories about a time before mine.
    But James knew, knows the mid/south/mountain west and that always spoke to me.

    He seems a bit lost with no touring.

    Go see James Mcmurrtrey when you can.

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    There’s already a thread on this...
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    I think this is more about James.

    Was he close to his father? Sounds like the marriage broke up when he was very young. Then the old man moved on? Was really into women, I read in one obit. Liked to juggle three or four at one time. Pretty good for a not so handsome man.

    I finally saw James at Daryl's Place in Pawling NY a few years ago performing solo with a 12 string. It was pretty awesome. His rendition of Choctaw Bingo reminded me of early Dylan "marching" songs.
    Greatly inspired me to get to Austin and see his full band when they're playing. Hopefully soon.

    The world is perfect. Appreciate the details.

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    One of my favorite artists.
    I call him the modern bob dylan. He says no way. I’ve said it to his face a few times. It’s pretty cool to shake the hand of a gifted artist after an amazing show. I like smaller venues.
    Covid killed so much.

    But it’s legit poetry. He’s a great writer. Gifted.
    The other thread makes me think I need to read his old mans writings. The Apple might have fallen next to the tree.
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