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    Feb 2019

    How much of your quiver have you skied in 20/21?

    This may be a little premature but I held off on starting this thread until spring conditions arrived locally. I'm assuming most of us are going to continue skiing for a least a couple more months and some of us never stop, so feel free to update your answer as the season progresses.

    Please post as much or little info as you care to or have time to, but what I'm really interested in is 1) Which ski did you spend the most time on this season, and 2) Which skis did you actually use vs. which stayed in the closet this season.

    Purpose of the thread is to reflect on the season, appreciate our gear, learn from our own and other's gear choices, and maybe encourage someone to scrape the storage wax off another pair before calling it quits.

    I'll start, used skis in order of most to least days on them.

    Location: Central WA
    Days skied 20/21 season: 20

    4FRNT Renegade 186 (touring)
    K2 Mindbender 116c 193
    Atomic Nomad Blackeye 181
    Atomic RS10 skate ski
    K2 Extreme 8.3 207
    Karhu Pyxis 193 xcd
    BD havoc 185 (touring)

    Not used:
    K2 Piste Stinx tele
    Tua Big Easy mx tele
    Rossignol Axiom DP 110


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    May 2019
    Emerald City
    Location: Western WA
    Days skied in 20/21: 36

    ON3P Billy Goat 189 (first season with them, spent all feb on them and a few low snow days as well)
    ON3P Woodsman 108 187 (dd)
    Salomon QST 99 188 (touring ski I sold)
    ON3P Billy Goat 108 Tour (touring ski I bought, haven't gotten out for a real tour on em yet with all the avy danger/inbounds pow though)

    Not Used:
    Dynastar Big Trouble - thought I'd use as rock ski but it just sat around in the garage


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    Dec 2007
    Hell Track
    Days skied: I dunno. 60ish so far.

    Used in rough order of days:
    Dynastar LP105 184
    Moment Wildcat 108 190
    Moment Deathwish Tour 184
    Moment Deathwish 184
    Whitedot Director 191
    Moment Blister Pro (Bibby) 184
    Rossignol Black Ops 118 186
    Blizzard something or other GS skis
    Fischer RC4 World Cup 187
    Stockli Stormrider Scott Schmidts
    Shitty nordic skis. I don't even remember what brand they are.

    Not used:
    Volkl Kuro (it was a shitty low tide winter)
    Moment Belafonte (might still pull these out for slush laps)
    Dynastar XXL (pretty much been replaced by the LP105's)

    There's various other skis lying around the garage that don't have bindings on them. I'm not counting those.

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    Jan 2006
    Also 60-70ish days, 70/30 inbounds on


    At least 75% of days have been in pow so there's little need to ski anything else.

    goes to 11.
    Move upside and let the man go through...

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    Nov 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by toast2266 View Post
    Not used:
    Moment Belafonte (might still pull these out for slush laps).
    Since I didn't get a pass this year I've been missing getting my Belafonte's!

    Days skied: mid 20's
    Location: CO and OR

    Used (width order):
    LongRide Skimo sticks
    Dynafit Stokes (one of my touring rock skis)
    LongRide 103x180cm (heaviest touring ski I have but long front rocker profile that are AWESOME for everything)
    Helio 105 (second touring rock/ don't care if they blow up ski)
    Helio 116

    Haven't used:
    G3 Findr 86 (warm spring conditions haven't settled into CO yet)
    Enforcers (no pass this year, and looking to get rid of)
    Belafontes (no pass this year)
    Protest (no pass this year)
    K2 Gotback 160 w/ Fritschi Freerides for ice climbing approaches in mountaineering boots
    Navis Freebirds (really just trying to sell them, doesn't quite work with the rest of the quiver/ location now)
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    TLDR; Ski faster. Quit breathing. Don't crash.

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    Feb 2008
    The Other Side
    Days skied 25 ish. All east Coast. Not a big snow year, but the longest consistent stretch of days without a thaw/refreeze cycle, or freezing rain in as far back as I can remember.

    Used in order of most to least (often two in a day)
    Praxis Piste Jib (184) Everyday groomer park
    Praxis Concept (177) Early season tree/rock ski exploring denser woods
    Praxis Quixote (182) Snow days and day afters

    Not Used
    Praxis GPO (187) one morning
    Praxis Protest (187)


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    Oct 2005
    Around 50 days. Fairly low pow year. Skis I didn't ski and decided to sell because I haven't in more than a year-Pillow Fights and some Iggy mid 90s waisted skis. Also replaced my BC setup.

    Supergoats-new this year. 5ish days that had the snow to make it worth it.
    Old Gotamas-rock skis. 8ish days waiting for rocks to hide.
    New BGTs-awesome. 9 days skinning.
    Exp 100s and K108s split the rest of the days. A little hard, 100s. A little softer, K108s.
    W116-just got these to replace PFs as they make more sense here. Took them out one day on the way wrong day. Super icy but wanted to try them. Not great on ice. Will like when soft.

    Not skied yet-tele's-probably some slush days soon, BC fishscales (just getting into the season), RC4s-beer league canceled this year, re-finished FFFs. Skied them last year and then refinished them. Super pretty. Just haven't taken them out yet.

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    Mar 2012
    Western WA, bout 25 days or so

    OG Protest (Hybrid?) 188 (it's been a good season)
    Deviation The Mode 112 188
    ON3P Wren108 189 (got them mid season)
    OG Blizzard Spur 189
    Black Crows Daemon 188 (for sale soon)
    Atomic Vantage 85ti 181
    Surface New Life 194 (for sale)

    Not used:
    Nordica Helldorado 185 (old dd's, pulled off bindings, for sale)
    OG K2 Hellbent 189 (for sale, maybe)
    Head Jerry 190
    Worth Baconators 185 (for sale)
    Majesty Destroyer 182 (new, not mounted yet)

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    Sep 2006
    Rossland BC
    100 days total.
    30 on Volkl Mantra M4s (everyday resort)
    30 on G3 Synapse 109s (touring).
    20 on DPS Wailer 112s (early season)
    10 on DPS Wailer 112s (sidecountry/powder)
    5 on Volkl Shiros (alternative powder)
    5 on Elan S12s (hard snow carving)
    0 on Karhu XC skis.

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    Oct 2007
    The greatest N. New Mexico resort in Colorado
    SW CO (actually just Purg and the glorious Chapman Hill this year)
    60(?) *days*... call it Individual Skiing Occurences

    190 Kneissl Tanker Skied a lot of bumps this year and it was fun.
    194 Kastle MX98
    192 Blizzard Cochise
    188 Scot Schmidt Pro
    186 Rossi SC 97 because it was ROUGH early season
    192 legend pro 105/factory/f team/whatever ONCE
    192 Stockli SR 95 ONCE
    188 Stockli laser cross pro ONCE (we had a race)
    185 Armada Invictus 95 Ti (rope tow laps w/mini Z; got more miles than most actually)

    Didn’t ski:
    192 Movement Super Turbo (no shocker there, never got more than 8”/day)
    223 Elan DH, but that’s about to change once spring break is over.

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    Jul 2006
    voting in seattle
    Western WA. Skiing 2-3 days a week since Nov, been a deep season so far.

    189 Billy Goat - lots of days
    188 Rustler 11 - lots of days
    188 ZeroG - 3 days
    186 Kartel 108 - 1 day
    182 Woodsman 96 -2 days
    186 Mindbender 108 - 2 days
    184 WildCat tour - 10 ish days
    183 Bonifide - 2 days

    Not used:
    178 ZeroG 95
    179 Seth Pistols
    184 Legend 105

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    Mar 2008
    Skied maybe 45 or 50 days so far. I live near Aspen we had a very dry January and then things picked up after that but not a ton of big deep days. Used all the skis I have

    188 PB&J - got these part way through the season but used them the most
    186 ON3P Vicik ~5-7 days
    190 Bibbys ~7-10 days (whenever it's more than 6" of new snow)
    183 K2 Poacher ~5 days early season collecting core shots
    188 Wailer 105 ~5 days until I broke them and replaced them with Hojis
    187 Hojis ~5 days

    Trying to operate under a new rule where I get rid of skis I don't use at least a couple of times each season unless it's a super cool collector's item or something like that. I've had too may skis in the past that I never used
    Quote Originally Posted by other grskier View Post
    well, in the three years i've been skiing i bet i can ski most anything those 'pro's' i listed can, probably

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    Dec 2020
    Arroyo Seco
    North Lake Tahoe. Somewhere north of 100 days so far.

    Used all the skis in my quiver:
    177 Nordica Enforcer 93--50ish days. Teaching and general resort dicking around ski
    186 K2 Mindbender 116C--25ish days. Powder touring ski
    179 DPS Wailer 105--20ish days. Everyday touring ski before I got the Hagan's
    176 Hagan Boost 94--15ish days. Couloir and steep ski
    179 DPS Cassiar 95--10ish days. Fun but strange ski
    184 ON3P Wrenegade 108--5ish days. New for me ski. Resort powder crusher

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    Dec 2018
    Only skiing in Maine this year...No travel. And skiing shorter/easier due to abdominal surgery recovery. Making the best of it.

    Used most to least:
    177 Head Monster 88 - great Eastern go to ski. Awesome.
    178 Volkl VWerks Mantra 99 - light and playful but can rail.
    181 Line Sakana 105 - just plain fun. Biggest surprise.
    184 Volkl Mantra 102 - Solid everywhere
    182 Fischer Ranger 107ti - More powerful M102
    180 Rossignol Experience 94ti - good easy all mountain ski
    192 Black Diamond Zealot - great all rounder/ travel ski
    192 Movement SuperTurbo - couple pow days, seem fun
    191 Movement Goliath - great classic
    184 Movement baby Goliath - old friend
    184 Head Monster 108 - heavy beast for dense snow, slush.
    186 Liberty V92 - easy carver
    179 Liberty V76 - easy SL like ski (probably sell because the Monster88 kills it)
    190 Dynastar Legend Pro - Spring slush slayer.
    194 Kastle MX98 - Wide SG ski
    188 Rossignol Experience 98 - Wide GS ski
    210 Kastle Women's DH - manageable DH ski
    208 Kastle SuperG - backup/ loaner longboard
    175 Scott Superguide 105 - light touring ski

    Not skied this year:
    184 VWerks Katana - pow touring ski (new addition)
    170 Dynastar WC SL - needs lots of energy
    170 Rossignol S86 - rock/ tree ski

    I could probably be happy skiing the top 4/5 and keep the Zealot or Goliath as western travel skis. But where's the fun in that?!

    If I had to keep just one... 184 Volkl Mantra 102
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    Oct 2011
    25 days in, Mt Baker to Mammoth to Alta and everything in between

    189 Billygoat
    184 Mindbender 90Ti
    187 Protest
    185 Navis Freebird (hopefully to change soon as spring touring ramps up here soon)

    Still trying to fill the "spring resort day" slot, maybe pick up something here soon

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    Nov 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeb McHardman View Post
    North Lake Tahoe. Somewhere north of 100 days so far.
    damn, almost every single day since it started snowing in Tahoe this season.
    TLDR; Ski faster. Quit breathing. Don't crash.

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    Dec 2006
    Your Mom's House
    Only 13 days... Colorado Front Range

    Have skied (most to least):
    184 ON3P Billy Goat 116 Tour w/ G3 Zed - primary midwinter touring ski
    182 ON3P Woodsman 108 w/ STH2 - primary resort ski (only one inbounds day this year)
    187 Praxis Protest w/ G3 Ion LT - silly days, which yesterday was

    Haven't skied but hope to:
    186 ON3P Wrenegade 113 w/ FKS - inbounds raging, been having some boot issues with my alpine boots, plus only one inbounds day
    186 ON3P Billy Goat w/ FKS - inbounds powder
    182 Moment Belafonte - the friendlier Wren
    184 Praxis Freeride w/ Atomic Backland - these will get plenty of spring touring days

    Might get skied, but probably not:
    189 Praxis RX - no bindings right now, but could mount them up
    193 4FRNT EHP - same as above

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    Mar 2011
    Squamish, BC
    not many days this year. probably only 25ish. been busy.
    [EDIT: I guess I was way off. just checked my app and I have 34 resort days. plus with 13 sled days I guess I'm at 47... hmm... weird. ]
    pretty even 3 way split between sledski, resort ski with my kid, and proper resort ski. No big touring days anymore it seems.

    pretty even split between:
    - 196 Renegade
    - 194 Devastator
    - 191 Mindbender 99Ti
    - Shark Snowsurf powsurfer.

    2 days on 190 Ravens.
    0 days on 200 Praxis Pow.
    0 days on the Lib Stump Ape 163 snowboard I just bought.

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    Sep 2005
    Wasatch Back: 7000'
    Kastle Mx98 ~50 days
    Blizzard R11 ~5 days
    Kastle TX98 ~5 days
    Blizzard Cochise 2 days
    Atomic 10:EX 2 days
    Salomon Qlab 1-2 days
    Kastle mx89 0 days. Will be next years work horse
    “How does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world? I don’t know, go ask Rory Gallagher”. — Jimi Hendrix

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    Nov 2012
    Around 28 days entirely in Oregon. Mostly Mt. Hood region, Three Sisters Region, and Elkhorns.

    - Black Crows Anima FB 10x
    - Black Crows Camox FB (and more in store as we get more into spring steep skiing) 6x
    - Black Crows Corvus FB (not a great Mt. Hood ski but keeping it in the quiver for now) 6x
    - Black Crows Navis FB 3x (Just got them and really like them so probably will be skiing these a lot more soon.)
    - Black Crows Atris - 2x Daily driver in the resort. In a normal year this ski would be much higher on the list.
    - K2 Pettitor - 1x These big boys don’t come out as often as they used to but I always forget how fun and versatile they are.
    - Black Crows Ova FB - 0x. This is mostly a late season/summer touring/traverse ski so hopefully they’ll see more later in the season.

    Yeah that’s a lot of Black Crows. I like the way they ski and got at least half the quiver on sale at STP for less than the cost of one pair sticker price. Plus they’re hipster sticks, I live in PDX, so when in Rome...

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    May 2009
    15 days (still in recovery mode this season)
    Mt Hood

    191 volkl mantra m5 - 7 days
    192 atomic atlas - 4 days
    196 down countdown - 2 days [honestly still too much ski for me yet this season]
    193 black crows corvus (set up AT) - 2 days

    not skied: GS skis, but getting less & less interested in them

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    Oct 2016
    On the mountain
    41-days - Mt. Hood area

    191 ON3P Caylor
    191 ON3P Jeffrey 108
    189 ON3P Cease & Desist
    184 ON3P Billy Goat 108 Tour

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    Aug 2002

    How much of your quiver have you skied in 20/21?

    Location PA and few upcoming in NY, mostly skiing w kids
    Days 36 expect 40+
    One really good PA pow day 18”, couple 3-6” days, lots of XC not counted above.

    Skis ordered in rough number of days
    Blizzard Rustler 9 180 ~22 days
    Sally Ten-eighty gun (tele) 172? ~15 days (switch to tele at lunch)
    Rossignol BC80 186 ~6
    Marquette Backcountry 150 ~5
    Atomic Blog 177 -2
    Dynastar Speed 63 SL 167 -2
    Volkl Katana 183 -1 for best day of the season

    Not skied
    Praxis Powder 185 (been a few years on these)
    Volkl P60 GS 175
    Rossi Mogul 168

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    Jan 2009
    Hyde Park, Vt
    about 100 days 90 at stowe, 5 at Jay peak, 5 touring but many days touring after lifted served skiing on the hill behind my house.


    165cm Dynastar WC SL
    177cm Head Ititan
    177cm Head Monster 83(#3 pick)
    180cm Blizzard Brahma 88 (#1 pick)
    187cm BLizzard Brahma 82
    181cm Blizzard WRC GS
    185cm Nordica E93(#2 pick)
    185cm Nordica E100
    186cm Nordica El Capo
    187cm 4frnt Hoji
    184cm 4frnt Devastator

    183cm Voile V6 BC ........back yard skis

    not used

    186cm 4frnt Renegade
    185cm Nordica Patron
    186cm Rossi Sickle
    179cm Salomon XDR 84ti(for sale....)
    195cm PM gear Super bro
    184cm Volkl nighty eight
    177cm Nordica NRGY100
    191cm Rossi WC GS skis

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    Jan 2011
    Winthrop, WA.
    No inbounds pass this year so some of my starting lineup has either been on the bench or sold. Hate to say it but most of my days have been nordork skiing.

    Atomic C9 skintect 207 - 80+ days
    Volkl BMT 109 186 - 10-15 days of local front country skiing
    Nordica Hell & Back 185's - 1/2 day inbounds
    DPS Lotus 124 Alchemist Spoon - 1 day from a heli

    Still on the bench
    OG Bibby 190s with alpine clamps
    OG Bibby 190's with touring clamps
    BMT 94 186's - The season cometh

    Double knee surgery in May will make next season better

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