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    Aug 2011
    panhandle locdog
    50ish days
    North Idaho/NW MT

    192 Mfree108 - mostly
    192 LPR 105 - 3 days
    189 Mfree118 - 5 days
    202 lotus 138 - 1/2 day
    172 Speedzone 12s - 1 day
    196 Bodacious - 1 day
    182 Mfree 108 w/Vipecs - 1 day
    186 Mpro 99 - 4 days

    Not used:
    Random old shit (long boards, 4x4 bigs, 4x4s)/rock skis (190 OG EHP, Karhu Jaks).

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    Aug 2018
    beaverhead county
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Thomas View Post
    Still on the bench
    OG Bibby 190s with alpine clamps
    OG Bibby 190's with touring clamps
    BMT 94 186's - The season cometh
    should you ever wanna move on from those bibbys...
    swing your fucking sword.

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    Dec 2010
    Last Best City in the Last Best Place
    Damn. Somebody needs to contact Hoarders about doing a TGR episode.

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    Feb 2008
    35 days. So. Oregon - Mt. Ashland inbounds and a handful of days touring in the Siskiyous/Southern Cascades. Will tour more in the spring. Hoping for about 25 more days before calling it...

    Most -> Least:

    184 4frnt Devastator w/ Attacks
    188 Blizzard Rustler 11 w/ Kingpins
    184 Line Sir Francis Bacon w/ Adrenalins
    175 BD Helio 105 w/ Superlite 2.0
    174 4frnt Kye 110 w/ Attacks (Mrs. Lynx's "big" skis)
    179 K2 Hippies (Seth Pistols) w/ 3-pin Hardwires (World Telemark Day)
    190 Atomic Rainier rt70 w/ 3-pin (around Crater Lake ski)

    That's it. The whole quiver.

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    Oct 2009
    mostly north idaho

    35 ish days

    6 187 woodsman 96
    4 191 caylor
    2 186 kartel 116
    1 193 og cochise that require an older boot

    the rest split between leaders
    192 mfree 108
    180 brahma

    not skied
    180 bonafide flat
    186 vicik flat

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    Apr 2016
    roaming into the gloaming

    50ish days so far, but hope for many more on the volcanoes come spring and summer.

    Most to least used:

    195 Stockli Storm rider 110tt
    195 PM SuperBros
    195 Kastle BMX 108
    185 BD Justice qk for pin bindings and tele
    185 blizzard ZeroG 95 w/ pins (will probably move toward the top of list by end of June)
    205 Praxis Powderboards
    195 Volkl Kuros

    Waiting to be skied:
    195 Dynastar Big Dumps
    195 Atomic tourcaps qk for pins and tele
    190 Salomon Qlabs (skeptical of my delam repair)
    195 PM pow protos (again skeptical of my blowout repair)

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    Oct 2003
    In Your Wife
    I'm at somewhere around 50 days so far this season.

    Inbounds (about 42 of those days):
    183cm Salomon Stance 102 with P15 (every single day but yesterday)
    186cm Blizzard Gunsmoke with P14 (One day, since the Stances need some reconstructive surgery after a rock hit Sunday).

    Touring (the other 8 or so):
    182cm Praxis skinny Quixote with G3 Ions
    178cm Voile V6 BC with ATK Crest 10

    I am a firm believer in KISS methodology. I'm also of the opinion that with modern rocker profiles, there is no need to ski anything wider than ~105mm underfoot in-bounds, even on the deepest days. I'll allow an exception for the handful of places in the world that still get true DEEP powder more than twice a decade.

    The advantages of a super fat ski in untracked (resort snow) are dwarfed by how much they suck in chop, crud, bumps and groomers back to the lift compared to something in the 100-110mm underfoot range.

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    Oct 2014
    Tahoe>Missoula>Fort Collins
    Quote Originally Posted by eSock View Post
    Location: Western WA
    Days skied in 20/21: 36

    ON3P Billy Goat 189 (first season with them, spent all feb on them and a few low snow days as well)
    ON3P Woodsman 108 187 (dd)
    Salomon QST 99 188 (touring ski I sold)
    ON3P Billy Goat 108 Tour (touring ski I bought, haven't gotten out for a real tour on em yet with all the avy danger/inbounds pow though)

    Not Used:
    Dynastar Big Trouble - thought I'd use as rock ski but it just sat around in the garage

    My math off? I don’t see 10 skis

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    Dec 2008
    Sold more than I bought this year so that's something, ended up N -1.

    184 Wailer 112 - sold and not skied
    182 Legend x106 - skied and sold
    176 Head GS zoomer - catch and release, not skied
    177 Enforcer 93 - sold and not skied
    177 Mantra 102 - sold and not skied

    Super Bro - not skied
    175 Fischer Motive 86ti - skied too much
    170 Volkl Kendo (current one) - skied too much
    178 Lotus 120 spoon - not skied
    179 Blaze 106 w/tecton - skied
    176 wailer 99 w/vipec; skied

    My quiver is a little disjointed right now, needs some work.

    This thread has the potential for massive quiver realignment opportunities seeing what people have that isn't getting used. I'll go another step in that direction and list things I might be interested in acquiring.

    177 Kendo (new one)
    Ripstick 96 181
    Enforcer 100 177
    Any good Stockli around 175cm

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    Mar 2012
    SW, CO
    I can't really justify having a quiver that is more than 4/5 skis.

    This year I started with

    188 BC Corvus w/shifts
    184 Extra stiff Steeple 102s w/pivots
    188 QST 106s w/MTN
    184 BGs w/STH2

    All of these have been skied at least 5+ times with the QST's and Steeple's taking up 85% of the days.

    I have a flat pair of ON3P Cease & Desist that I acquired early in the year but never mounted up. Look like rad skis and I'd probably love them, but I won't get to ski them this year so I'm moving them on.

    Though part of me wants to be a hoarder like a lot of people on TGR, I am follower the idea of KISS through necessity. Daily driver, touring, pow and maybe a pair of rock skis... that's all you need.

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    Dec 2010
    I'm at 58 days so far, nursing a knee before the replacement surgery next month. I usually stop for a coffee and a snack mid day at my Covid safe car so I change out skis more often than not.
    New powder--26
    Old powder/variable/slush--8
    Firm/Icy-- 24

    Most to least use this year:
    2018 180 Line Pescado-- Light and so much fun. They are not for skiing chop and crud but I have others for that and I'm only good for a few runs of that shit these days. For Bel to Bell untracked powder days at a resort between Eden and Paradise they are perfect. More of a morning ski at many other places.
    2016 173 Kastle MX 83- Seems to be replacing my Monster 83 as firm all mountain ski (bumps, crud, shallow pow, groomers, etc.). Likes to ski a little faster and happier with more turn shapes. When I'm too worn out for race skis, I switch to these for some more groomer zooming and a bump run or two.
    2018 174 Kastle MX98-- Sometimes wish for the 184 but really versatile at this length, great skis in so many places and conditions.
    2014 188 Volkl FIS GS-- Great fun on groomer days unless it is busy. Damp with good suspension is so easy on the knee.
    188 Praxis Protest— I'm a convert. For a change of pace from Pescados or when more funky snow is expected.
    2017 165 Rossignol FIS SL-- ex-NCAA D1 racer's skis. 3 sheets of metal in these real race room skis. So heavy! Ice picks that are also really stable at speed for a SL. Fun but need fitness to ski for long.
    2016 177 Head Monster 83- Really good groomer/bump day skis. They like to always be turning. A really well mannered front side ski.
    2017 183 Stockli Stormrider 107-- Sold on after two days on them. Better powder skis than MX 98 but I like the Kastle tip better on groomed.
    2012 165 Atomic FIS D2 SL-- Over 100 days on these and they are nice and soft for not-too-icy groomers.
    2011 184 DPS 112RP-- Over 100 days on these and still great fun for noodling around looking for the last few untracked turns in the trees. QK with Plum's but not skinning much this year. Pescados are more similar than different.
    2014 187 Moment Belafonte- Took them up once and sold these on to another mag. I have some seller's remorse.
    2020 186 Atomic GS-- I like my 188/30's better.
    2020 189 ON3P Cease & Desist--Only a couple runs. The balance point makes my knee hurt.
    2016 191 ON3P Billy Goat-- Only 1 run. Same problem with knee pain as C&D.

    Not skied:

    2003 184 Dynastar Speed Course 64

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    Mar 2008
    northern BC
    i think I now understand why/how I have 12 pairs of skis ... cuz everybody else does

    took a year off
    Lee Lau - xxx-er is the laziest Asian canuck I know

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    Sep 2007
    30 lift days
    8 touring days

    181 Black Crows Camox
    184 Moment Wildcat
    183 Line Vision 108

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    Nov 2008
    between campus and church
    Six pairs out of seven.

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    Dec 2010
    西 雅 圖
    Have Skied:
    188 Rustler 11 (lots of days, split between 2 pairs)
    186 Black Bodacious
    183 Season Forma
    183 Season Nexus
    177 Bondafide 97
    180 Zero G 105
    171 Zero G 95

    Not Skied:
    186 FIS Blizzard Women's GS ski
    215 Blizzard DH ski
    164 Zero G 85
    180 Rustler 11 with Shifts (sold when it was obvious there would be no trip to Austria this year)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oct 2016
    tahoe de chingao
    As a climber bro taught me, hundo p. aka 100%

    76 days as of this morning, mainly backcountry. working 9-5

    most to least use -

    190 moment deathwish tour
    186 bmt 122
    177 down lowdown
    188 praxis quixote
    182 moment pbj
    186 bmt 94
    187 protest
    191 billy goat
    184 head monstarr

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    Aug 2020
    Quote Originally Posted by gregL View Post
    Have Skied:
    188 Rustler 11 (lots of days)
    186 Black Bodacious
    183 Season Forma
    183 Season Nexus
    177 Bondafide 97
    180 Zero G 105
    171 Zero G 95

    Not Skied:
    186 FIS Blizzard Women's GS ski
    215 Blizzard DH ski
    164 Zero G 85
    180 Rustler 11 with Shifts (sold when it was obvious there would be no trip to Austria this year)
    I wonder how many people have both the 188 Rustler 11 and the 164 Zero G 85 in their quiver. Either Blizzard has the most well-rounded offering of skis or they take good care of industry folk

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    Dec 2010
    西 雅 圖
    Quote Originally Posted by Benneke10 View Post
    Either Blizzard has the most well-rounded offering of skis or they take good care of industry folk
    Maybe both?

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    Mar 2021
    Lofoten, Northern Norway
    Ski touring:
    Völkl BMT90 177, so little snow this year, I've only toured 4 times, where two were to a small hill basically.

    Resort skiing:
    Völkl Katana V-Werks 177
    Völkl BMT90 177

    And that's all I have skied. Extrem Big Pens and my old Head Monster iM77s with Rottefella 75mm are untouched this season.

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    Jan 2017
    Moment Wildcat 184 - around 25 days
    Moment Chipotle Banana 186 - around 15 days
    ON3P Jeffrey 114 - around 15 days
    Moment PBJ - around 5 park days, but more to come in spring
    Moment Wildcat Tour 108 - 0 days, but more to come in spring

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    Sep 2018
    I hate having skis around that I'm not skiing, so the quiver is never that large. So far days are somewhere in the 30s.

    Line Mordecai 114 186cm, center mount - more than half my days
    Line Supernatural 92 186cm, trad mount - probably 8-10 low tide days
    ON3P Jeffrey 108 186cm, trad mount - just got em, skied them twice, they kick ass
    Line Sick Day 110 179cm, trad mount - maybe twice.
    K2 Marksman 106 184cm, semi center mount - 0 days because I lost one of the damn things. Sucks.
    Atomic Skate Skis - 0 days cause I'm trying to reduce my hobbies

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    Mar 2010
    BD Helio 116 - 1 day
    Hagan Boost 94 - lots inbounds, a few tours(under 10)
    Hagan Ultra 65 - less than 10 days, including two races
    SkiTrab Maestro - 5 to 10 tours
    BD Blacklight Pro - roughtly 15 days, never liked them and sold recently
    SkiTrab Mistico - 2 days inbounds

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    Mar 2016
    I'm one of those psychos who keeps track of how many days each setup gets, it is really a great way to reflect on the season.

    Location: Alta
    71 days so far as of 3/16

    200 Karhu XCD GT: 0
    160 Voile WSP: 0
    189 DPS Lotus 120 Spoon: 1
    189 ON3P Cease and Desist: 3
    200 Fischer GTS supertele: 5
    188 Moment PB&J: 8
    178 Voile Supercharger: 14
    190 Moment Deathwish: 16
    184 ON3P Wrenegade 96: 24

    Missed some time with a sprained ankle in February, and unfortunately the majority of this year's powder with it. I'll be living in Little Cottonwood again next winter so the Cease and Desists should get the call a lot more often. The Lotus was acquired while I was injured so again I haven't had a chance to use them as much, hoping for some late March pow to tour on those. I haven't used the fitness setups at all except to XC ski to the bar and back. No races this year for me so no motivation to train. Will probably get out this spring to get in shape for biking. I did take the skimo sticks out for a run on highboy one afternoon as a joke but I won't count it as a day.

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    Nov 2014
    I suppose I'll rep the 1% of TGR with tiny quivers/ one ski quivers

    Location: Alberta/Canada (Still 1/2 way through ski season , get most of my days in March/April/May)
    6'2", 190

    195 4frnt Hoji (White/Red) w/shifts - 14 - One ski quiver - only ski I have right now, and may need to be relegated to rock skis soon. A little long for touring days
    195 4frnt Hoji (Black/Red) - 5 - tried it out for inbounds only - weight penalty wasn't worth the uptick in stability, IMO, subsequently sold
    185 Praxis 9d8 - 1 - mercy day to see if I wanted to keep them or not as I never use them - subsequently sold them

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    Dec 2009
    ON3P Billygoat 6 days
    ON3P Jeffery 108 Too many days to count
    Rossi Exp 96 Ti 6 runs

    Snowboard 6 days
    Training for Alpental

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