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    Caught my first salmon on my first day with the spey rod. I wanted coho, but I'll take it.

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    I miss Browns Park. A lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new yabyum View Post
    I miss Browns Park. A lot.
    I brought Merlene out some bananas for her pet cottontail Friday, brought Mark a top shelf bottle of tequila. Met a couple other landowners this weekend as well, it’s an eclectic bunch out there.

    I’m settling in nicely amongst the eclectic, my wife and youngest love it out there, plenty of room to explore.

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    Fall is nice on the Metolius
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    Kokanee are spawning
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    Bows are still gorging on the caddis hatches
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    ::: ::: whispering sweet nothings to ‘bows in the Aquarium
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    Wifey put on a fish catching clinic this weekend.Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by new yabyum View Post
    I miss Browns Park. A lot.
    special place
    special time of year

    Theyre gittin cheap at work and wont roll my pto over
    and they took a couple weeks last year and didnt even bother tellin me to use it or lose it
    fuck dat

    somebody had sent me a link to the denver carp slam
    well yeah poop slam is my jam
    raised the fundage with maggot help
    loaded the dog n hog n hit the road east
    hit starvation
    saw the carps
    caught the

    pulled off bout 2 and made it to bmcmandia for sunset

    and dinner

    The bmc ran a shuttle for us and sheldon and i got the float n b happy on
    stung n swung up a lot of lil guys

    saw sums swamp donks

    went back n did camp stuffs

    i think that was the freezing rain dog with explosive diarrhea up every 2 hours to let him outta the tent night

    got up enjoyed sunrise and went n did fishy stuffs

    passed the cantalopes

    unintas got dusted

    sun peeked out identified some targets from the bluff
    snuck down with stealth intercepted and initiated contact

    well yeah

    had a few more shots but the gittin down the muddy bluff with stealth part didnt happen
    made some calls figured out an itinerary and called it another day fishin

    and headed back to browns
    harvest moon and campfire warmth ftw

    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
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    This got me today, immediately put a smile on my face and it got a little dusty in my office. Brought back tons of memories of watching ESPN on Saturday AM instead of cartoons, and riding my bike to throw pumpkinseed powerworms texas rigged for largemouths in the town ponds. Not a huge mainstream country fan, but this was a great tribute.
    "If we can't bring the mountain to the party, let's bring the PARTY to the MOUNTAIN!"

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