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    Hip hook? And/or other Psoas and iliacus stretching tools

    Anyone using that hip hook thing or any of the others for psoas and iliacus stretching?

    I was told a while back that I should stretch these to get relief for some lower back pain. I then proceeded to not follow any of her recommendations, as per my Usual MO.

    Now Iíve seen these tools on the internet and was wondering if maybe I should start doing that. So of course I came straight to the TGR experts.
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    Carefully lie over a kettlebell with the handle running diagonally right along your hip bone from groin to outside hip, slowly flexing your leg,

    Then roll the kettlebell onto it's side and lie on it over your upper quads and flexor and you flex your leg again smashing it into the side of the kettlebell underneath you.

    Or use a softball in that area too. Works well, a little softer to lie on.

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