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    Quote Originally Posted by telefreewasatch View Post
    After reading the UAC report:
    a) Kurt made a fatal decision.
    b) As others have said, the partner did not want to ski lower Squaretop; Kurt should have respected that and not skied it either.
    c) Personally I would've gotten on the bed surface and down to Kurt, but I've been working with avalanches a long time; I understand the partner's trepidation to do so.
    d) And this is the big one. This partner is gonna second guess himself the rest of his life because of ultimately Kurt's lack of judgement.

    I've dug a bunch of people out from under the snow over the years and understand the process of what the partner went through and the aftermath. It never gets easier.

    Really feel for him and would love to reach out. If anybody has contact info. for said partner please pm me...
    I can add to this on a more granular level after reading the UAC post mortem.
    I know this terrain well and have regrouped with partners in the same spot.
    Kurt's traverse to where he was going to ski was essentially a mid-slope ski cut. Terrain, terrain, terrain. He might have got away with it if he had just headed down without the traverse. My other observation is the pole strap still on the wrist. This may have contributed to his awkward final position. Digging up a blue person sucks. Don't do this to your ski partner. RIP Kurt. Vibes to Kurt's friends and family. Vibes to Kurt's partner. You did everything you could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long Duck Dong View Post
    Referencing the other thread, people don't die on Portal or Angel's Landing every year....

    Man, this is a tough year all the way around

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    you say PC???

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