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    Feeler: WTT 184 Moment Blister Pro (Wildcat) for 184 Fischer Ranger 102 FR (Pink Tops

    Getting very specific here because I love the Wildcat but I have some crossover in my quiver at that width and a gap at the narrower end of things.

    If you're sitting in a pair of the 184 Ranger 102 FRs in pink and are interested in a trade, lmk!

    The Blister Pro's/Wildcats are in great shape, skied maybe 9 or 10 times. Topsheets have a few nicks and aside from a few rock streaks (from the shit snow conditions here in the front range) the bases are in awesome shape. Mounted with Marker Griffon Sole ID bindings for a 316mm BSL.

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    Sell them outright?
    Price with and without bindings?

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