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    Currently have the older Krypton Pro's with the solid soles (not replaceable). Would this mod still work?

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    ^yes. Get some BeastMode!!

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    If any of you kooks have a set of Lupo 28/29 cuffs you don't need, I'd take them for the reverse of this. Would like a walk mode and a sole that fits in alpine binders for hauling the kids' gear and making pizza pies.

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    Big difference between P and B tongues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_pretzel View Post
    Big difference between P and B tongues?
    IIRC B tongues are ~110 and Ps are 90.

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    Boot hacks are my favorite. For my Kryptlupos, I plan to swap the Krypton cuffs with the lighter Lupo cuffs periodically, and potentially take both cuffs on trips to swap for touring and inbounds purposes. In my opinion, when using the Lupo cuff it seems necessary to utilize that plastic horseshoe that goes between the top of the clog fingers and the cuff. The Lupo cuff has a lot of plastic removed from it, and this horseshoe takes up that space to make it flex and interact with the top of the clog fingers properly.

    Instead of having to add and remove the horseshoe everytime from its original location when swapping cuffs (because it is not necessary to have the horseshoe in place with the Krypton cuff), I have screwed it in directly to the Lupo cuff so that it is now built-in. Line up the horseshoe, trim the bottom part so it doesnt get caught on the shelf for the walk mode lever, punch a hole in the horseshoe, remove the lower screw and screw post of the walk mode lever, put the screw post into the hole of the horseshoe, and screw back in to walk mode lever.

    Also note, the forward lean calf shims that come with stock liners I have screwed in directly to the top of the cuff for more forward lean. Without them, its much more upright than the Krypton.
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