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    Quote Originally Posted by JerkPorkins View Post
    Well, I am a scientist, bro.
    And I’m a Scientologist.

    Ok, I’m not. But if I were, it would be100% as relevant to this discussion, unless your field of expertise is very, very specifically on target with your comment.

    I do have a computer “science” degree. Which is presumably exactly as relevant as your “scientist” status.


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    It was a joke, dude. You brought up science.

    Really, though. The old "hand in front of your face and blow" test, is a pretty simple way to see how well your face covering may be filtering. Or use a candle, like Bill Nye, if you want to get real scientific.

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    Mask mandate on federal lands

    Mind blown. I hated masks until earlier this summer when It dawned on me that if I wore it all the time with sunglasses and a hat then I never had to talk to anyone again. That’s a win.

    On top of that. I love walking into the bank feeling like a robber. I mean some days I’m one sentence from a felony.

    On another note, went to Zoeys last night to grab some takeout. Place is full of the typical flat lander most of the time. Last night was no different. Four green plates in the lot when I pulled in, all employees. There was a little hustle and bustle going on at the door and I saw the hostess lady pointing and yelling. So I swung my door open quickly to try to here a little of the action, and boy did I ever. Some angry twat from Jersey was screaming at the top of her lungs through her mask “don’t bother, they make you wear cloth masks”.... she managed to get the three other cars from out of state that pulled in to leave, but I hopped out and headed to the door with my mask on and the lady was appalled. Well the wonderful hostess lady greeted me like normal and grab my bag. And so I had to ask... apparently the twat was appalled that she had to wear her mask inside the restaurant and could take it off to eat..... maybe the confused bitch should of read the travel guidelines in the first place and take her non quarantining ass back to the yellow plate state.

    I don’t like Biden, but it would be a big win at this point to close the state borders. Tough shit for the out of state skiers. The ones that followed guidelines would get money back, but the d bags that keep coming every weekend, yup game over and bye bye pass money. You got your days. Spread your city shit. Now kindly fuck off.

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