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    Wow. So much hate.

    Maybe if he were a clean cut dentist skiing dps, he would get more respect.

    Moderate gets skied all the time. Dude rolled the dice. Had an airbag. Didn’t get strained through trees. Had a partner.

    Hell, I’d be surprised if he isn’t a maggot. Or at least a lurker. Check the 420 thread.
    “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
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    “I got the degree of Stamp-licker from the Bezuzus Mail-order University”
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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    judging from this and the loveland video
    douchebag snowboarders with questionable snow safety skills
    and go pros on to prove it
    replaced the dentists on dps
    but yeah the pots overpriced and legal
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    at least he wasn't some "douchebag snowboarder" who affected a Jamaican accent who is really a privileged white kid not from a shanty town

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    No hate here, I couldn’t care less what he looks like or if he’s on a board or skis. I’m glad luck was on their side that day. Hopefully privately this dude recognizes it was luck not his avy expertise that saved him. It’s simply frustrating to hear the mindset that led to this incident - they ticked plenty of the heuristic traps.

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