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    Quote Originally Posted by FortySixMac View Post
    Yes, same thing here. Could be nerve issues, disc compression problems and even prostate problems.

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    Kidney stone pain can refer to the testicles but it should be easy to tell--with back pain different movements or positions make it better or worse. With kidney stones it's always worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    You should check out Kevin Meehan. He's kind of a kooky guy, but that guy has this acupuncture, chiro, massage combo therapy which is the only thing I've gotten in Jackson that made any sort of difference.
    I lived at his abode for about a year back in 2012. Kooky is the word. Crazy life story.
    And yeah, he prolly has some solid insight. He takes his healing arts seriously.

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    Thanks for the reccos all. I'll be checking some of them out. Starting a new thread for insight now that I have a diagnosis from the doc.

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    You may also have a gastrointestinal disorder. You should see your doctor so that he can do another comprehensive examination. Also, if you suffer from gallbladder disease, likely, your pancreas is not working as well.

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