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    Quote Originally Posted by bennymac View Post
    Vaccines start being given when a baby is 2 months of age - the teacher should do their own research.
    I probably should have soundly reprimanded her, she didnt have her own kids but i think your take away was sposed to be that speaking as a teacher they line them up and stick them in grade school
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcski View Post
    That’s way overly broad for the culprits here. The vast majority are connected in some way to Waldorf schools. That’s a hotbed of antivax. Outside of those (which is def comprised of hippies and/or soccer moms) I hear of very little to no antivax mentality. Some are def libtard/granola heads but it’s a subset. Hasn’t been an issue in public schools here at all
    The CA Waldorf people (ime* neither soccermoms nor hippies, even if they crunch) have long driven antivax stuff but the torch has been taken since covid for being against every vax along partisan lines.

    *not soccermoms because they didn’t let the kids do competitive sports, not hippies because they made too much money.

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    I can still smell Poutine.
    2nd Gen hippies.

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    Dentist Hippies?

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    I know/knew Waldorf moms that re-registered republican when vax requirements schools were bumped up in California.

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    Quote Originally Posted by californiagrown View Post
    The thing is, its important to know when you are out of your area of expertise. Its also important to understand that being really smart is only half of the equation... you also have to then apply those smarts/expertise to the full and accurate data set. That second part is where the trouble comes from much of the time- when a really smart person meets a limited pool of information and forms faulty conclusions cause the data they used was bad.
    And of course we know that Facebook and YouTube algorithms exploit and amplify confirmation bias.

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