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    Blue Ice Akila Axe

    It's pretty much a Petzl Gully with a real spike (that's a good thing). Here is a photo with the Akila under the Gully:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Side by side:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Akila pick is a bit longer and a tiny bit steeper.

    Petzl pick weights fit the Akila (and Gully) well:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    -The Petzl pommel is a little more comfy for me with a longer flat area befor it ramps up.

    -The oval Petzl shaft is probably a bit more comfortable in dagger of hammer position than the slightly angular Akila.

    -The textured grip on the Akila (it is nothing like the ridiculous sandpaper on that Camp axe) works a bit better than the ribs on the Gully.

    -The plastic that covers the area where the pick attaches to the shaft is a better fit on the Petzl.

    -The Akila weighs more because of the spike and longer pick.

    -The shape is different (a bigger depression between pick and adze/hammer on the Akila), but both are comfortable in both self belay and self arrest grip (unlike, say, the Petzl Sumtec which is uncomfortable with self-arrest grip).

    I'd say the Petzl is a bit more refined, but all these differences are pretty small. The Akila seems like a nice option. One of each makes sense to me if you ever carry two light tools, as having one with a real spike is nice, as is saving as much weight as possible. When I need these things it's usually for a short crux. It sure beats choosing between heavy Quarks an old school Raven.

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    great little mini review, thanks man

    i've been digging the blue ice stuff for a few years now, i think they make fantastic kit. i really like their packs and harnesses. i've yet to pull the trigger on one of their ice tools but they seem very well thought out.

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