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    Nov 2020

    WTB: All mountain skis 175-180 ish


    Looking for a good deal on said skis, local pickup in Bay Area, CA only! I am a moderate-advanced skier.

    I used to go every day in high-school but its been about 10 years since I've gone regularly and to start getting into it again. Don't know too much about what I want, just something that will last, looks good, and will be able to grow with me.

    I'll also be looking for bindings, boots, etc.

    Please let me know if you have/know of something! Hopefully getting something before Thanksgiving!

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    Nov 2020

    I spent some time on r/skiing discord and know a little better now what I want. I'm looking for something ~95-105 under foot, all-mountain ski.

    Please let me know if you have something or if there is a good si shop possibly with used skis where one might be able to get a good deal.


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