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    It all depends on what you're upgrading from, but yeah, all things being equal, boot that fit your feet and don't hurt and allow for a decent ROM are the foundation for everything else.

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    1). Fit
    2). articulation of walk mode
    not weight
    not stiffness

    1). Matching how they ski (for you) to your conditions
    not weight

    1). Simplicity
    2). Avoiding crazy ramp delta
    not burliness
    not weight

    1). 100% Mohair
    2). learning how to skin with mohair if you don’t know.
    Not synthetic
    not hybrid glues (yet...?)

    1). fitness
    2). skill at skinning

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK47bp View Post
    Tacoma, Yeti mug, flat brim hat, boots, bindings, skis, poles, pack, and some Tide pods to snack on.

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    ^ This plus the snapchat filters! Maybe throw in some Salt Life Stickers on the helmet or skis....

    Seems like theres some consensus on boots, which aligns to that Blister Article.

    Not really anything my buddy or his girlfriend will execute on, I was more asking as a general thought experiment, to see if my experience aligned with others.
    Thanks for all the input.
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    I also feel like the Shift is the perfect binding to get someone into backcountry. They can use one setup that they’ll be comfortable with at the resort and you only have to “step” into pins on the way up. Plus the pin setup on the shift is dead simple to get into.

    As for skins. BD Mohair Mix all the way if not Pomocas. It’s almost entirely for the compactness IMO for a beginner.

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