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Thread: RR: AZT300 DNF

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    RR: AZT300 DNF

    I had grand plans this year to shave about 10 hours off my previous best AZT300 time, gunning for 3d 12h. I cherrypicked the weather, perfect for cowboy camping and secured a ride south to the start.
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    Start line at Parker Canyon Lake, rearing to go.

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    The Canelo Hills pack a punch early & often.

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    Surprisingly thin catclaw cover here, it's typically choked shut in April.

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    Red Bank Well.

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    Brown pow!! I was the first non-ATA employee to ride the newly minted 6 1/2 miles of singletrack.

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    This reroute is a major improvement and will be a hit with trail users.

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    Javelina sighting!! So far, I was keeping my target pace.

    I made a quick stop in Sonoita to top off fluids and hit the trail.
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    Golden hour settling in over the Santa Rita Mtns.

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    Welcome to southern Arizona!!

    It was shortly after this when my knee started to make itself known. Hmmm. I wasn't concerned, it wasn't painful only a dull discomfort.

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    Lights came on as I rejoined the AZT around 6p, about to begin an 8 hour night riding stint.

    I setup camp after Las Colinas around 1:45a, passed out by 2:00. No alarm for this guy, I was rolling out of camp at 8:20a heading towards Tucson. Knee felt fine on the easy trail, but as soon as the walking returned it flared up.

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    Fast, flowy trail nearing the I-10 underpass.

    My knee steadily became more troublesome and by Colossal Cave I was done. I made the call to get picked up. Such a bummer as I was keeping my target pace in spite of the ailment.

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    Sea of prickly pear near the AZT exit to Tucson.

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    Just like that, 1 1/2 days into it. Done.

    For the full ride report, check out the blog: 2020 AZT300 DNF

    I'll be back in the spring for another crack at it.

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    Thanks for the awesome pics and TR. Post this in the gravel nerd/bikepack thread next time!

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    I'd meant to check out this RR and hadn't done so; glad Jax bumped it! I worked and played down in that area decades ago but didn't ride back then. Those pics make me want to go back! Sucks about the knee, esp. when everything seemed all lined up for a PR. Best of luck in the spring, and please post up that RR here again.

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    Congrats on your time and thank you for such an amazing story

    tbh the road looks a little bit too creepy in the night
    cannot imagine myself going through it alone

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