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    Quote Originally Posted by nickinbc View Post
    If you did that you might spend more time shoveling than skiing
    And hauling water 🤯

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    Here is the policy - smeh

    As far as hauling water, I learned my lesson after the first year; made a pump using an amazon hand pump with some long rubber hose, bending over in the snow cave to scoop water with a ladle or pot seemed rather inefficient.

    Watch out for the pine marten too, he's a killer there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiMTN19 View Post
    I wonder if it makes sense that the ACC can charge full heli pop for 20 guests even if only 10 go?
    But are the groups before and after you only 10 people? The helicopters fly loaded in both directions and if your group doesn't pay then either the other groups have to pay more or the ACC has to carry a loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamdirt View Post
    Out of curiosity who’s booking the heli, acc? Last time I flew in there we just arranged bumps from Bush Harbour. Bring whatever u want, no weight restriction. If the pilot has to pull an extra loop on ascent ur cc reflects it....we had no issues.

    A star flew in from chatter, after dropping guests, 10 min flight

    Need to get there in a high pressure! No such luck yet....
    FM stages out of Sorcerer staging now , has for a couple of years. Same drive way as Heather Mountain but turn right once off hwy.
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    dougW, you motherfucking dirty son of a bitch.

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