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    AvaLife: A framework for efficient search, excavation, and medical treatment

    Peter Paal, Darryl Macias, Dr. Scott McIntosh, and Manuel Genswein gave a presentation on Avalife at ICAR this year. Avalife is a framework for efficient search, excavation, and medical treatment of an avalanche patient. It is available in a digital and hardcopy version and in several versions for free at The video and download is worth your time if you are part of an organized rescue team, but they also have a flowchart for companion rescue .

    The video starts at 28 mins:

    The download is slightly frustrating, but it's free, so suck up the extra 3mins to register:
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    This is awesome. Thank you for posting this.
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    I was just talking to a buddy today about medical treatment of avalanche patients

    ICAR is the place to go for this sorta stuff

    Manuel Genswein is a great guy - I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in a course I took from him

    I'd love to see a proper avalanche course that also involved managing patients in the field

    L2/WFR sorta thing
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    Thanks for posting, will watch when I have more time. At a glance looks very interesting and needed.
    The medical side of avalanche rescue has been overlooked in education and I'm glad to see more attention to it.
    FWIW at least one organization in CO (Desert Mountain Medicine) is doing a winter-specific Wilderness First Aid class now.
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