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    I bought the park kits for mineral and DOT. Really good quality (expensive though)

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    Buy brake fluid in bulk, you can get prestone 5.1 DOT off napa for $10.00 for 12 oz. 5.1 is 5.1, just don't get 5.0.
    A quick SRAM fix I've found works wonders is just doing a lever bleed (same as shimano) but putting a zip tie between the pads and taking out some of the "free stroke" that develops after pads wear. I never use the contact adjustments.
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    Any one else reading the thread title as Nose Bleed system?

    Thanks for all the advice in here. My bike has stroker hayes, and I've had no problem bleeding them, and only needed once a season if that. My wife's new to her RM Thunderbolt has shimano, and the rear is not working right. Time to learn a new skill I suppose. And hopefully no nose bleeding.

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