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    Voile supercharger daily driver thoughts

    Looking for a relatively durable midwinter daily driver touring ski and am wondering how people find the supercharger? Don't plan on hitting the resort this winter and looking for something that handles tahoe/utah/montana slop/blower/rocks reasonably well. Worried the voile tail is too locked in for sierra mank, any thoughts?

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    The supercharger has been my daily touring stick for 3 seasons now. Utah and CO. The camber has good grip in less than stellar conditions but the wide shovel and decent tip rocker make them pretty fun powder boards too. For a more surfy ride go for the v6 or larger v8. The tail is more rockered on those models. I never had a problem with the supercharger tail, I think it is a good balance of business and pleasure. They are a very forgiving/predictable shape so even in breakable crust I have been surprised with how well they perform. Voiles are generally well made for the weight, I have pretty much thrashed mine and they hold up well only one bad shot.

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