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    Fuckin' ridiculous. They need to automatically extend everyone's NEXUS that already has one because of this and the fact we already missed out on 18 months when the border was closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by altasnob View Post
    I don't know but assume there is a reason. When a Canadian gets a Nexus, do they only speak to a Canadian employee and never speak to an American employee? I checked the Canadian website and it says "you will be interviewed by a CBSA and/or U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)." So appears it could be either US or Canadian who interviews you. US and Canada share a lot of info, but not all info, so must be some reason to have US employees stationed in Canada.

    Why can't we be like Europe where you can go back and forth without speaking to a border guard? It was that way when I was in Switzerland (non EU) and could travel, even ski, into EU countries (the public city bus in Geneva goes to France). Both US and Canada have sticks up their ass.
    I got mine done at the Toronto airport - it was in a room staffed entirely by US border guards (or at least they were wearing similar uniforms). They were very friendly as they took my fingerprints and scanned my retinas. I truly couldn't care less if they had diplomatic immunity or not, especially if the US customs or other Americans doing similar jobs already do. It makes no sense - Canadian govt is being silly here.

    Quote Originally Posted by XXX-er View Post
    It took you 5 days to respond which DID suprise me

    so it couldn't have been that pressing or dumb ?

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    "" Canada's Ambassador to the U.S. Kristen Hillman has said the U.S. is holding the NEXUS program "hostage" by calling for legal immunity for officers working at a Canadian-based office.

    U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Cohen, meanwhile, has said "it's Canada's problem to solve" and the U.S. is dead set against restoring the program without legal rights for its officers. ""

    looks like a mexican standoff
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    I didn't realise they classify people in the NEXUS offices as different from CBP, even though the agents that do the interviews are CBP?

    Mine's expired as of a month ago, and my US Visa is up in December. Work probably won't renew it with the reduction in travel so whatever, but it's still handy to have NEXUS. I'm in San Fran next week so I wonder if I could get an appointment.

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