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    My best place i want visit

    I want to visit Romania and go on Transalpina and Transfagarasan.

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    Feb 2021
    When I was a student, I was lucky to travel to France via student exchange program
    They truly say, Paris is a city of love. That brings me such warm memories, huh

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    2000 miles from snow.
    ^^^^^ Fuck the French. Their national sport is ripping off tourists and having an insolent and rude attitude. Hopefully never have to go there again. Fuck the French. Complete assholes.

    That being said, Amsterdam is the place. All the obvious benefits like the great coffee shops, then the museums, and strolls along the canals in the evening are just the best.

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    Italy. Beauty, history, food & wine, wonderful people. What else do you need?

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