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    Couch to crash on in tahoe? Even just a driveway to sleep in my car?

    So I guess thanks to Ottime and some sort of mysterious machinations of the universe which I do not yet fully understand or quite believe I am lucky enough for them to be real, I have a ski pass to Alterra resosts which I'm thinking includes Squaw/Alpine Meadows. I've never been. Making it happen this year for sure. I'm too broke and probably won't be around enough to actually rent a room, but if anyone has a couch to crash on I am a mean cook and can contribute some money towards rent if I end up staying more than a couple days. Even a driveway to park and sleep in my car would be awesome. If anyone has a line on somewhere I could maybe pick up some shifts waiting tables that would be awesome as well. Hoping to spend a few weeks out there if I can swing it.

    And of course, I've got to ski with some of you fuckers.
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    I know some places to car camp in north Lake Tahoe and south lake. Pm me if nothing comes up. Sure it will

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