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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkhound Odin View Post
    Itís the people in the chair in front that you should be worried about.
    For reference: Some guy lights up on your chair, smoke goes behind you. Some guy lights up in chair in front of you, face full of smoke.

    Change smoke to covid cough.

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    Correct me if Iím wrong but if someone is sick and on the chair ahead of you and coughs, wonít it be dispersed enough by the wind and sun to make anything that hits you a very low load of virus?

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    I donít know. Covid is magic.
    Mask and distance are the only way to not get or spread. Or so we have been told.
    Better to lock up inside and never go out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Core Shot View Post
    I predict hookups with strangers outside the maze.

    Invent a ski tinder app. Make millions.
    This! I think I will be finding all kinds of new friends that are in my "party" in lift lines this year.

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    UPDATE: Final draft was approved by State of Colorado at

    - TRADE your heavy PROTESTS for my lightweight version at this thread

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