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Thread: Jenson Coupon

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    Jenson Coupon

    I知 buying a full priced (gasp) item from Jenson. All of my coupon codes are expired.
    Anyone have an active coupon code the could PM me?
    I値l delete this thread once I get a code.

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    I wish I could help. Bought a shit ton of stuff from Jenson over the last year and they've never sent me a coupon code. If you can find your item at Universal Cycles I have their monthly newsletter code, I think it's 15% over $200 or something.

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    I've never had luck buying anything full price at Jenson even with a coupon code, so many items are excluded.

    These days I'd just be happy if something is actually in stock when they say it is. Use active junky, or don't, actually. I just logged in to see what % Jenson is offering and they're not even showing on AJ right now. 8% at Backcountry and Competitive cyclist if that helps. The Universal Cycle code seems to stay the same. Good vendor, and they haven't charged sales tax in the past.

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