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    Make Believe, Redwood Drive-in

    So, it seems a few people from the valley will be attending the show this Thursday. We usually hit up Redwood drive-in a few times a year. It’s a pretty cool throwback way to watch two movies cheaply.

    A few suggestions...

    When arriving come from the North on Redwood, taking a rh turn is much easier. The left hand turn lane into the drive-in usually stacks up worse than the tram line. Although for the most part chill they do have people walk around and check for alcohol, walking around with an open beer is probably not advisable. (I’ve seen people get tossed for this, the WVPD are more than willing to show up.). Maybe they treat this differently than a Saturday night movie crowd, I wouldn’t tempt them?

    If we are going to converse over phone via the forums I’d recommend we all converge in the same spot in case of a smallspread cellular failure. Back row right or left works for me, I’ll be rolling in my truck, chilling in the bed yelling at you fuckers to stay away from me!

    I will have a bag of produce, after someone took my “free” sign literally and took my table I no longer have a work based system of delivering vegetables. Come get some...

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    i think im bringing the hog
    and boat in partying
    its like a convertible
    the (cough)best (cough) valley po po
    should have way better things to do with yur tax dollars than
    drivein buzz harshening
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    "THIS IS WHAT WE DO"-AML -ski on in eternal peace
    Yo poliassfuckers
    theres a special basement for your lame shit

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    ^^thanks for the beta BobMC, i'll be there with my giant dick mask. you'll know it's me because there will be giant dicks all over my mask.

    d-roc says he's gonna be the hot chic in a blue dress and wedges, i might try to get my wife to match his outfit just to cause confusion. everyone will mistake her for d-roc, and when they see her ski and realize that d-roc is actually a total jong who struggles to get down groomers, they'll second guess all the stoke he posted up about firing squad, skiing the grand, the ribbon, etc.

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    I'll be there with phall and our girlfriends. Grey tacoma, we'll be hanging on the bed eating tacos sipping margaritas.

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