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    Let's hope we never get to evaluate the durability of covid masks.

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    one of those gaper mountain towns
    Quote Originally Posted by old goat View Post
    Let's hope we never get to evaluate the durability of covid masks.
    Agreed. I get the second round of the Maderna vaccine Wednesday. The mask is strictly to meet the resortís requirement at this point, although Iíve been wearing a mask on cold-ass days for years. Itíll be nice when itís not mandatory anyway, but for now, with vaccines just coming online, and still a ton of unknowns, Iíll wear one.

    The one I just picked up actually performs better than the neofleece one, so I guess I hope it will last a while.
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    Dude its losers like you that give ski bums a bad rap.

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    Skied last weekend and was amazed to see three neoprene le masques.

    The nose is wide open. Wtf. And yet ops yelled at a couple folks for dick nosing.

    Didn’t mind masking in line. But quickly realized goggles work, no more sunglasses skiing.
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    Skiing and Covid-19 masks

    I did a candle test with some skiing masks I have. Regular buff failed as expected. Single layer Blackstrap tube surprisingly worked as well as a double layer cloth mask I have. Dual layer Blackstrap balaclava surprisingly was worse than the single layer tube and almost as bad as the Buff despite being much warmer. At this point, in crowded lift lines and in the gondola Iím using a double layer cloth mask with a tube over it.

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    I shared result of my candle test in the other <sigh> mask thread.

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    Been using the thicker mid weight OR balaclava face filter. It works great and metal piece in nose keeps most fog out

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    I need to go to Utah.
    Yeah, Utah. It's wedged in between Wyoming and Nevada. You've seen pictures of it, right?

    So after 15 years we finally made it to Utah.....

    Thanks BCSAR and POWMOW Ski Patrol for rescues

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