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Thread: RIP Viking

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    RIP Viking

    Last Saturday Alaska lost a legendary skier in a boating accident. I didn't really know him except in passing and will let people closer to him speak to his general awesomeness, but the man skied so much, and was just stoked on life in general that anyone who met him couldn't help but like him.

    I won't go into speculation of the circumstances of his death, but, wear your life jacket, and use the motor killing tether, especially if boating alone.

    RIP in Valhalla Eric
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    I was just thinking about you earlier today Patrick.

    Alaska waters are unforgiving. I've lost several friends to the water up there.
    I didn't believe in reincarnation when I was your age either.

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    Really sad to hear this...
    He was an absolute one of a kind and a truly humble ski mountaineering legend.
    His positive and motivating spirit will be sorely missed.

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