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Thread: Helmet advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by skizix View Post
    Don’t fall for the MIPS bs (don’t make me cite it, but it is well and truly debunked - only marketing faff keeps it alive). E.g. Poc was an early adopter, then bailed.

    Get it or don’t, but don’t let it rule anything out that fits. Oval melon here, and Poc Tectal Race works great for me.
    POC tried to do it themselves with their proprietary SPIN system. Makes sense from a cost standpoint.
    However, they're going back to MIPs in new styles.

    I have a Giro Manifest. As a sweaty pig it's been good. Much better than POC helmets. I also think it's more comfortable than traditional MIPs helmets where you can feel the anchor nubbins.

    It is, however, Expensive AF.

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    Disagreed that mips is pure marketing fluff, but the situations where it'll do anything are very specific and very limited. And none of the certification standards test those sort of situations, so there's that. And mips will make any helmet significantly hotter than a non-mips equivalent.

    For an oval head, giro reigns supreme. Leatt and poc are decent.

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    Need a new helmet - preferably with removable chin bar.

    Supply seems thin (like everything else bike related) - any insiders 1) have a sense when 2021 stock would normally be shipped to stores and 2) is covid impacting that significantly like everything else?

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