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I'm a former racer, but now at 55yrs young, not sure if I want a full fledged race ski anymore. Favorite ski in my 20s was a pair of race stock Atomic hv3sl, I think in a 203. You had to be on your game with those, but they sure were fun.

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Those old slalom skis probably had a 50+ meter radius. I'm a couple years older than you and came up when all good skis were race skis. People went from beginner skis to race skis back in the day. Now there are a lot more options. Race skis still require your full time attention but can do so much more.

I know it is a pain in the ass but try to demo on-hill at a place that will let you swap out as many times as you want and take a run or two on several "classes" of skis ignoring brands, just get a feel for what types are out there. Cole Sport at Deer Valley used to do this with a really large selection. Go on a weekday by yourself. Start with "frontside" skis like the E84 you are looking at. If you can, try a more groomer-carver ski (look for a squared off tail) like a Head Titan, Rally, or Supershape, an MX83, a Liberty V76, or Rossi Hero Elite Plus Ti. Then try a more versatile (rounded off tail) frontsider like Brahma 82, Kanjo 84, or Experience 84 or a multitude of others.

Then try Non-FIS race skis like Rossi Hero Elite ST Ti /Hero Elite LT Ti, Atomic S9/G9, Volkl Racetigers, Head i.SL or i.speed, all the big manufactures have them.

Then, if they have them, try a pair of real 165 FIS slaloms and a GS ski with 24-30m radius. It might cost you almost as much as buying a used pair of race skis but by the end of the day, you'll know.

edit: Actually just remembered, if you can go to Deer Valley, Rossignol has a yurt with free demos over by the Empire lodge. You can try out a number of front side oriented skis there. I've tried a couple skis there and both had questionable tunes but it is free. It will still cost the price of a lift ticket but the groomers are nice. Again, go alone on a weekday.