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Bummer. What about the ArcGIS maps you mentioned in the OP? With the info you’ve given, my plan of attack would be to georeference the 1978 map and digitize off that, then adjust and fill in gaps with the aerials and GPS. I’ve never had enough budget to hire this type of thing out, though, so I can’t say that’s the best solution.

Do you guys maintain any utilities? That’s a whole other can of worms (assuming the power lines will be buried).
As of now, we maintain our own electric and water - that's why this has become a nightmare. It's really hard to find linesman to work on high voltage lines that are willing to come out here, especially when it is an emergency. We are finding their work is not to code - how would we know, we are not experts. The plan is to build a new utility with the only provider in the area and then they will be responsible for maintaining the entire thing. They take pity on us in emergencies and help fixed blown fuses, etc., and bill us directly. Currently, their responsibility ends about 1/2 mile from the facility. So, we will go from primary to secondary metering when/if this gets done, but there will not be a change in cost/rates.

We sit on lava rock, so most of our lines are overhead.

Yeah, I am getting money from HQ for this project, but people above us seem to freeze and can't make decisions, so now I am rushing to get some things obligated before end of fiscal year, which is super annoying. It's not like this project just came up two weeks ago, senior management has known for months, but they were wishy washy about going this route or doing A&E and rebuilding a system that we would still own and maintain in the end.

Now that I know what I need, I can provide the map info I have and work it out with a contractor.