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    ADK/Fife Brook Whitewater Partners

    I posted this on the NY Whitewater Paddlers Facebook page but I didn't have much success:

    I'm looking for people to kayak with from now until about the third week of August, weekends and weekdays. I am based in Lake Luzerne, near the Sacandaga, and I would prefer to stay within an hour or two.

    Whitewater is new to me, and my experience is limited to 10 runs down the Sac, and 1 down the Upper Lehigh. I have a pretty consistent roll on flatwater, and I have rolled back up in whitewater. I will wear a mask if we shuttle together, and I have been doing a lot of bike shuttling.

    The Fife Brook has been recommended to me, so I'd like to check that out.

    Anyone interested?

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    ok thats an idea

    thats a beautiful idea

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