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    Quote Originally Posted by ngarry243 View Post
    Let me ask you, which option did you end up with?
    See first sentence of my previous post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deciblast View Post
    FYI Sony just released their imagine software that turns their cameras into webcams. I haven't tested it yet, but I don't think you need the Elgato anymore if you're camera is supported. Looks like the ILCE-6000 isn't listed but ILCE-6100 is.
    I can't speak for Sony, but I know with Canon the quality is significantly better through Elgato than the webcam utility. Either one will put the built-in webcam to shame of course

    A tip for video calls with people using laptop webcams. Stop the lens down a bit! That crisp look with super out of focus background looks a bit out of place in grid view when you're the only one looking that way...

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