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    Surfing in Portugal

    Praia Norte and Grande

    This movie blew me away:
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    I've never been there, but I heard that this place is only for professional surfers, and the death rate is high. I don't know if it's true, but the waves are fascinating

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    I don't think anyone has died at Nazare. Several have been some close calls, including that Brazilian basses woman. But pretty sure there have been more deaths at Mavericks and for sure at Pipeline. And any tow in surfer worth their salt can surf Nazare. Remember the footage you see is only of the very biggest days. Surf is not like that daily. Its pretty flat out there today. That said, on the biggest days, it can get crazy, as the spot picks up large swells from a variety of directions and they converge at the break, hence the crazy shape and amplitude. On those days you best be ready to face death defying situations.

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    Surfing is very exciting, but pay attention to safety.

    Surfing is really exciting, and the excitement is almost the same as that of sailing on the sea. By the way, I am engaged in maritime work.

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    OMG those waves. Looks like my last dive if I do that.

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