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    Fernet was so 2014 among the mixologists around here. A very buxom one even has the logo tatoo'd on one of her forearms.

    I'm calling the Brooklyn as 2021's "it" cocktail. Much to my delight as that will mean we can get Amer Picon on the reg.

    2oz Rye/Bourbon
    1oz dry Vermouth
    1/4oz Maraschino liquor
    1/4oz Amer Picon
    dash or two of bitters (preferably orange)

    Stir until chilled and serve in a coupe glass.
    I still call it The Jake.

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    Been lovin the Boulvadier since I still had to request it as Negroni with whiskey most places.

    Had an amazing cask aged version at the Hyatt in Beaver Creek in early March right before the pandemic shut things down

    My home version is
    Old Overholt Bottled in Bond 3 parts
    Carpano Antiqua freom the fridge in good times ( noily pratt from the cubard if not) 2 parts
    and 1 part Campari
    on ice, orange peel or wedge

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