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    Using a balance board regularly, like doing just about any specific exercise regularly, develops a particular set of muscles. You do bench press often and you develop bigger chest muscles. Doing a balance board helps to develop the muscles that you use to balance. So, does it give you better balance? Probably not. But it does improve the fitness of the various muscles that you use for balance allowing you to better utilize the sense of balance that you developed when you were little? Why not?
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    Bought a big piece of PVC pipe and a rad LibTech deck twenty years ago that still use.

    Only wish I had bought more of a collector’s kind of deck, though.

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    Homemade stuff.

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    A lot of dynamic balance from Shiffrin here. Strength, endurance, power and proprioception--ie, sensing in movement--which you need a lot of ski racing to read the snow and get to the end of the course. She is amazing.

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    Vewdo board!

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