hey all,

Looking for 2 pairs of demo bindings compatible with WTR (Atomic Hawx XTD). I think the only options are Wardens and Attack 14 ATs, but let me know if I'm missing something. Looking for one demo with 100mm brakes for a 99 mm wide ski, and another 110mm - 115mm for a 112 mm wide ski. Depending on price, I might consider other demo bindings, though strong preference for WTR compatibility.

Interested in buying or potentially trading +/- cash with bindings listed below. Can post pics if interested.
Black Marker Griffon Demos, 100mm. Bought them here and never used them myself, nice condition, minimal cosmetic wear.
Silver Look Pivot 14's, 115mm. Fair amount of cosmetic wear. Bought on KSL but never ended up using.
Black Look Pivot 12's, 115 mm. Minimal cosmetic wear. Pulling them off some recently purchased skis.

I'm located in SF Bay Area, but can likely meet up in North Lake Tahoe/Truckee this summer as well.