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    Mental Health check in/support thread

    A lot of people have asked for a thread, and I think it could be helpful. The times we are in right now are trying, to say the least. The feelings of powerlessness, fear, loneliness, anxiousness, isolation, confusion, desperation etc, that many of us are feeling have in all likelihood, contributed to an epidemic of depression and anxiety.

    Adding job losses, financial losses, and other real occurrences that contribute to feeling insecure, or depressed, or whatever, compounds the problem.

    So heres a place to vent your sadness, your anxiety, your depression, your fear, whatever. Often just opening up helps, as does realizing that you're not alone in feeling the way you do.

    Be supportive of anyone who does feel like venting please. No poly ass bullshit either. Mags helping mags, period.

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    Condolences for those going through it, tough times for a lot of people without a paycheck, without contact when you're used to that.

    Everyone goes through the blues for some reason or another and if they claim not to, they're lying.

    We'll get through this, hang in there.

    Yes, the shutdown sucks, but if there's anything to be learned from similar experiences, it would suck a lot more if we don't try to distance.
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