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    Quote Originally Posted by nickel View Post
    So I'm pretty sure I know what the gear whores in here are gonna say but my 192 protests are pretty outstanding tree pow skis as well as loving the open spaces. Why might I desire a Kusala and/or what are its complementary features?
    As a friend once put it-- "Is there anything you can do with this new ski that you can't do with your current ski?"

    That was a hard question to answer. In fact, I couldn't answer it. Nor did I want to. He was missing the point.

    It's not that I want, or need, to do anything new. It's that I know there are people out there that are riding my current ski, and a dozen others, as part of their own mission to make the turns my ski was designed to do even easier, and better.

    These guys ponder millimeters, build-ups, flex designs... all fucking day. For years.

    And then they're like-- "Hey, we need 25 pre-orders to justify building what we think is THE luxury version of what is currently on your feet that you bought because it was convenient. And, we're simply asking for a worker's wage."

    Every time one of these co-labs come up I start twitching. It's an opportunity to buy one of the best skis in the world that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

    So I would flip it on you-- "Why even buy a Protest, or a Renegade, when you have opportunities like this cross your door step every few years? Weren't you paying attention? Didn't you hold out for the right ski? Shouldn't you have held out, instead of me?"
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    That is a damn good sales pitch right there^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Timberridge View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Toadman View Post
    Can you pump oil back into a well, like they do with pumping sea water into one? Might be a good idea to explore that option...
    It's a bit like putting a shit back in someone's colon.

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    Patiently awaiting the pre-order thread...

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    I sold my 186cm renegades thatís had been my touring setup for years. I just didnít feel like the 186 enough ski for what I wanted in the resorts and was moving to lighter touring gear.

    Iíll have to take everyoneís word for it as I wasnít following skis as closely when the Kusala was around, but if it skis similar to the Renegade and comes in a 192, Iíll be very tempted to say the least. I would love to support some smaller companies too.

    Its been hard for me to put my finger on what made the Renegade so special... but I can see the similarities as well as departures in the shapes.

    I would lean toward Ďnot lightí for my core choice.

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    So Keith and I ironed things out and it'll be basically a custom order and it will be the same pricing as the 191 Lhasas -$750 and his usual slew of customization for those who want whatever they want. What we really need to do before a preorder thread is a size vote - 186 or 191. When we get that sorted we'll see if we can drum up 25 orders, running the buy thread until we hit the number, then, if the votes say 191, we'll design the 191 based on the 186, making sure we keep that magic intact. I'll get a thread up with a size poll soon.

    Edit: Looks like we'll be going for a 189, given the almost equal number of people wanting 186 and 191 but a majority of both groups willing to meet in the middle for a 189

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckethead View Post
    yo J!
    been a while. hope you had a good winter. never made it to magic in 19/20...hopefully cross paths there next season.

    has anyone posted the approx price for the 191 kusala?
    a little fat for my routine needs but those tight woods vids suggest they could a good home in the east.
    Sup Brother. Definitely been too long. Turns and beers next season for sure!!

    Looks like this project is going to move forward, so hopefully you're covered. It's not like I'm looking to get rid of them at all, but if shit falls apart and you *really* need another pair of lhasa's give me a heads up. I'm almost always on my superbros, unless it gets deep and then I love my 192's. I've probably only ski'd my lhasa's 5-10 times in all of these years. If memory serves me, you're a ~325 bsl as well, right? Carbon topsheet 191's with minty ninja 916's. But like I said - don't really want to get rid of them, but I'd rather they be attached to your feet sliding downhill than hanging on my wall if you are in need. You love em the way I love my 195's, so I know how you feel.
    Going where the wind don't blow so strange
    Maybe on some high cold mountain range

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