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    I can chime in here as well, i have been diagnosed with impingement and torn labrums on both sides, my experience with this lines up with goldenboy - the FAI surgery has a pretty poor track record, i went to 3 different orthos locally and none of them offered it as a solution for me - i also had reasonable cartilage in the joint - my understanding is how much cartilage that is left in the joint is the deciding factor for replacement surgery

    i worked with a very good physiatrist - we did PRP for the tears and some entrapped nerves, trigger point therapy in the muscles around the hip where i had tender spots, i went through a whole bunch of PTs as well - i would say my experience with the PTs was more mixed than i would have liked - a few of the other things that i learned that i think are important - if you have pain in the front of the hip - stretching that area is likely to be counterproductive, several of the glute muscles attached to the back of the femoral head, strengthening them will pull the femoral head towards the back of the joint thus reducing the impingment, going to a range that 'hurts' likely makes things worse, cycling, skinning up and moguls can be tough if you are in the acute pain phase - i had a lot of success going this route - i dont have any real pain anymore

    i've worked with a MAT practitioner for a couple years now - all my pain was cleared up by this time I started - but the working theory is a little different than most therapies - you get tight where there is weakness, treating the muscle to be stronger at the end of range will increase mobility

    i was pretty aggressive trying to avoid surgery - i'm currently 50 and this stuff started 7-8 years ago, my father had his hip replace 3xs so i'm trying to avoid that fate

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    I have been dealing with hip pain for 18 months. It started suddenly, while I was putting in a boot pack at work (full time ski patroller) and never seemed to go away. I tried to rest it, PT and strengthening and the pain would subside for a bit, but nevertheless I’d tweak it and it would bother me for another couple of weeks. It got to the point where I wasn’t skiing much, no touring and I stopped trail running. Interestingly the only activity that didn’t bother it was WW kayaking.

    I finally went to my Ortho and had an MRI done with contrast. It showed a pretty badly torn Labrum in the hip. Doc said if I was older they would just do a replacement, but at my age (39), the labrum repair was a better option. So here I am, 4 days after surgery, sitting on the couch waiting to feel better. Not sure how much I’m gonna be on skis this winter but hopefully next summer I’m 100% ready to go. Luckily for me I live near Jackson WY so was able to find a surgeon who has been doing these their entire career.

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    Hmmm, with hip issues sitting in a kayak was the main problem so I'm suprised WW kayaking was ok for you, doing an mri they found an inflamed Iliopsois bursa on the outside of my hip but the hip & labrum were ok

    I couldn't sit in a boat for > an hr with my legs splayed outwards but I'm old so I just gave up kayaking and sold all the boats

    it was also hurting on the up track last winter so i'm hoping I won't have to give up ski touring
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    Different "hip" issues cause different symptoms, have different aggravating and alleviating factors.

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    I had a torn labrum a few years ago. Ended up getting the diagnosis after I went to doc bc I couldn’t hike in summer/skin in winter. They did a repair (the other option I was given was to cut it out).

    Operation in August, was back on skis going easy in December. I still feel tightness occasionally, but a bit of yoga makes that go away real quick. Now back to damn near 100%.

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    Got super tight hips and groin. Been working on lots of wall yoga. Pidgion pose. Doing leg swings and donkey kicks. Butterfly. Chair pose. Figure 4. Can sit crisscross apple sauce moderately comfortably.

    Also, using daily hydration enhancers.

    Goal is to be able to do a much more slow and comfortable kickturn with the transitioning ski actually perpendicular to the fall line and no need to transition quickly because it hurts so damn bad.

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