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    Laid off - Bikepacking Trip Ideas

    Just got laid off, and looking to chat about some bikepacking routes. Anyone with experience doing the kokopelli trail or Grand loop? With COVID, pulling this off might be logistically possible, but maybe I can milk unemployment long enough to let areas open back up.

    The CT is high on my list but obviously, not till July, and also need a few counties to reopen to visitors

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    la garita stock trail, connect up to other trails. i have not done this but have been riding trails to 10800 ft in the area for over a month now. I think the area has great potential . mostly forest service roads and ohv trails.
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    I haven't done the Grand Loop but have read about it. Sounds like it's a hard one to pull off having to thread the needle between snow melt at high elevations, hot temps at lower elevations and water availability. There is a thread with good info on The route page for Grand Loop has more info and links

    Sounds like you are in CO? Should be plenty of routes you could put together based on what is open and snow free. For trips of a few days you should be able to carry all your food eliminating the need for re-supply.

    Other ideas would be something in Northern AZ. The Dixie 200 route is nice. It used to run in late June depending on snowpack. Tour de los Padres here in Socal is coming into prime time as soon as a bit of snow melts up high. Should be ok through mid May. Might be too far to travel to though.

    The best bet is probably to come up with your own route near where you live.

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    maybe for later in the year...def a lonely ride

    "Notes: Consider the timing of your journey: There’s almost no shade in this area that routinely hits 90 degrees, and water is extremely limited. While spring and fall are your best bets, the mountain Loop Road is only open certain months of the year – typically August and September – so you’ll want to check on that before starting out. The mountain loop is also the only truly rough riding."

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    No snow travel option.

    We had plans to do the MTB/trail version this month, but...
    Remind me. We'll send him a red cap and a Speedo.

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