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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazderati View Post
    Look for any of the Portal series (Portal, Portal 2, Portal: Still Alive) in the Xbox store. They were originally released on the Xbox 360 but a quick search online says they are backwards compatible on the Xbox One.
    Zone Controller

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    Quote Originally Posted by warthog View Post
    I am all for doing things the hard way. I mean, I need a router table so I am trying to figure out how to build one myself, using a router. It is madness. But I already have a PS4. What you are suggesting is that I completely ignore the $400 useless machine I own, and start over? All for something I don't enjoy even half as much as I will enjoy using my router table? Madness.

    I appreciate the info though, for somebody without a PS4.
    Whatever works for ya man. I didn't know NES classics and the like were available on PS4. We have one of those too, but my son & I still have a blast playing the NES games on the rasberry pi.

    Quote Originally Posted by warthog View Post
    I an going to look into those Nintendo classics though. That would be awesome.
    Apparently not awesome enough to place an amazon order and spend 15 minutes with the google machine.

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    One of my fellow psychologists says that World of Warcraft is a good option for kids and teenagers. At least she lets het 13 yo boy play WoW as much as he wants.
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    The bots are getting stranger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Self Jupiter View Post
    The bots are getting stranger
    It was nice of you!

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    COD MW. 50 bucks says me and my son will trounce yall.
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    Got my girls addicted to Street Fighter. The smack talk brings joy to my heart.
    We got the anniversary bundle with every Street Fighter ever made.

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    Looking forward to getting back into the baller lifestyle after this so I might want a plane. The new MS FS 2020 in 4K looks stunning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgb@etree View Post
    An excellent way to play damn near every classic vidya game ever for ~$100:

    Buy a rasberry pi & a 64gb micro SD card for it (go bigger if you want, but the old ROM's are pretty small)

    Buy USB controllers for your preferred platforms

    Install RetroPie

    Find torrents of your favorite old games.

    I have about 25gb of ROMs that includes every NES, SNES, Atari, NeoGeo, Genesis & N64 game, as well as a ton of MAME roms for old arcade games.

    Fun & easy project. The hardest part is "scraping" all of the ROM's for their original cover art so everything looks pretty inside of RetroPie, and that's not very hard.
    Well I certainly appreciated this post. Was bummed I missed out on the cheap Nintnedo classics release awhile back and have also been meaning to see what this raspberry pi world was all about. Have one and some controllers ordered, very excited for this project - thanks!

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    Tearing up the Golden Tee on my arcade1up.

    Star wars and Galiga inbound.
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    No one mentioned STEEP???

    I play exactly ZERO video games and even I have fun playing that.

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