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Thread: COVID-19 Report

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    Hey, goldenboy - has your friend considered getting vaccinated? I've heard it brings these symptoms to a fairly rapid grinding halt. If he has had it, it might be the proof he's wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dans1212 View Post
    covid sat me in bed for 2 days, beyond that it passed quickly. appreciating the antibodies now
    Similar. Head cold for a few days. Slept for 36 hours. Feel lucky. Few more days of lethargy fatigue and head fog.

    Sadly some arent so blessed.

    I would say itís not so much antibody blessing (no travel passport for us) as the fact that we have been blessed with good immune systems on this.

    I got my ass kicked 14 months ago far worse.

    And 3 years ago I had a month of hell
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