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    Quote Originally Posted by Djongo Unchained View Post
    Late season skiing at The really Big has an impact on ACL's...AMHIK.

    I am a full time front seat skier; That was helpful for me as I could stay forward flexed and make the muscles do the work, not the new knee parts.

    I'd think riding a ski that wants you in the backseat, would be stressing that patellar tendon firstly, and then throughout the joint.

    My Super 7's are def not for an intro to Pow skiing, maybe yours have the honeycomb tips, next generation. Way easier and more versatile for the advanced skiers.
    Yep, has the honecomb tip. This is the pair I had/got injured on. All reviews I had found online stated that it was an easy pow ski. Even I think Blister had stated that as well.

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    Buy Salomon qst118 and thank me later. Iím mainly a renegade guy but got a pair of these for a comically low price. Theyíre probably the easiest ski Iíve ever skied in pow. Great for dust on crust ( which really sucks post acl repair) and theyíre shockingly good on firm.

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    What did you like/not like about that ski? I get that you want to eliminate any juju feelings but aside from that, this ski fits into a particular category and it's not the same one as the replacements you're considering so let's step back a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bw_wp_hedonism View Post
    Iíve been wondering about Nocta vs Renegades given similarities on paper. Anything else you might add?
    Sure letís see. Renegade was also stiffest ski Iíve ever had. On hard groomer it was punishing. Also the quickest ski Iíve had in powder. For me it was getting most of that pow feeling without being punished.

    I got lucky and got a 186 Lhasa fat that was pressed with kusala full reverse camber. That was eye opening for sure. Still a bit much on groomers.

    At this time I was mostly skiing mammoth so great powder followed by bad long run outs.

    When I moved to Utah I started building the quiver. I like how nocta just wants to be playful yet has that go fast in a second feeling.

    I would say similarly shaped but very different construction between renegade and nocta. Nocta is lighter and more playful where renegade is a scalpel and you have to be on your game. Nocta does require that center stance also. They really are not that similar and if you can ski renegade in itís element itís great. I really wanted to like 191 but bastard was a fail. Then I gave up.

    Protest is just so easy and you canít go wrong. It will go any speed but does prefer some speed. But since tips are narrow it does not torque as bad as say pontoon. I really like 192 since itís that sweet Iím between spot. I also have wootest and those are fun also.

    Billy goat is another winner and love the OG version for just crushing the hill and rolling over everything

    If I had one powder ski only itís protest. But kusala and others are amazing also. Keith just really dialed the protest and then left it alone. Flex 3 is solid in stock and veneer adds a bit of stability.

    So many good skis and support the indies!

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    I need to go to Utah.
    Yeah, Utah. It's wedged in between Wyoming and Nevada. You've seen pictures of it, right?

    So after 15 years we finally made it to Utah.....

    Thanks BCSAR and POWMOW Ski Patrol for rescues

    8, 17, 13, 18, 16, 18, 20, 19, 16

    2018/2019 (24/32)

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    Quote Originally Posted by topher23 View Post
    ACL rupture on MLK weekend, reconstruction on Feb 17. About 3 weeks before the lockdown in my city - NYC. So glad I got it when I did. Had trips planned to Big Sky for end of March, looks like I wouldn't have been able to go regardless of the ACL. Ha

    Good luck with the surgery. The first month post-op is the worst IMO
    Thanks, that's what I'm hearing. Positive noises coming out of Switzerland that they will reduce restrictions at the end of the month, so maybe that will include Reconstructions. That would give me a fighting chance at least. I've been quite lucky as I can still walk and even ski down very gently so at least I have things to do during isolation

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    I toasted my ACL on a pair of 194 Faction Thirteens. When I came back to skiing, my first four runs were on my old faithful 192 Elan 777s, just became I was more comfortable on those than anything else. And those were groomer runs. But my third day out was cat skiing, so I took my 186 Nordica Blowers, since they felt and skied so much like the 777s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickel View Post
    I don't want you to get the wrong impression here. You don't need to be straight lining anything. Do your turns in pow look like powder 8 little squiggles or are they all sorts of different shapes? The protest shines in how it lets you surf any shape turn you want. If making very close to identical shaped turns down the whole hill, lots of other skis will do just fine without placing the torque on your knees that a 128mm ski can.

    Gaijin explained the torque bit pretty well but I'm bored so I'll add my .02

    The ski wants to lay flat while in motion. The force to tip it on its side comes from you. The distance between the edge and your foot is essentially a lever but it's one acting against you. If you're not skiing soft snow 90% or more of your day, skis over 120mm will really take a toll on your knees. I have friends who've forsaken the category entirely for this reason.
    As a dude that considers his 125 uf Boneshakers his DD, skis of this width you want loose. Edges can be sharp but a healthy amount of beveling, preferably extending slightly into base(i.e. slightly base high)makes it so the edge doesn't want to set with slight angulation change, which torques the knee laterally. Skis still carve hardpack just fine w) positive angulating.
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	324885 I'm on 120 uf skis here. Steep trees and the snow is most definitely not soft

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