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    quality cardio workout option via milk crate snowshoes...Dairylanderz.

    Like a lotta peeps, I've severely curtailed my back country skiing outings in an effort to respect the new social mores appropriate to the coronavirus caused changed cultural context.

    Still trynna figure out an optimum design for a sit ski option for safe descents down sled packed logging roads.

    In the meantime, I kinda thought plain old Dairylandring in non technical terrain was the best option for high quality cardio workouts while there's still snow in the bush. The zone is a short drive from house. I figure for the designated high intensity days, I'll drag a small log behind me attached via ski drag attachment method to backpack. Lots of forest debris around to sift through to find the 'just right' deadfall small log.

    The d.l.rz are definitely special conditions tools though. The idea was initially conceived specifically as an approach aid on big ski tour mission days in the spring for negotiating well settled, consolidated snowpack that is 'punchy' under a forest canopy. Found that they basically lived up to hopes, dreams and expectations and work perfectly well in optimal operating conditions: Well settled/mostly consolidated wet grains where if a guy was simply hiking/bootpacking he'd experience inconsistent support under foot. You know, the kinda snow where yer marching along with great traction/support for a few steps, sinking in minimally and then have that frustrating post hole up to the knees, thighs, crotch, waist or man boobs. No postholio with the dldrz unless you really misread the snow.

    Traipsing through the fairyland forest on the Dairylandr o.g.'s and 2.0's. with my first official convert to the milk krate kult. Initial skepticism and resistance was took about 87 steps before the comments swung from 'this is ridiculous' to 'this is awesome!'

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    Had some issues with feet popping backwards out of the attachment straps at random intervals, so, sifted through the pile of junk parts and found a good solution. Voila, no Voiles! Black Diamond ski pole handle straps repurposed as heel straps for the dldrz.

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    Master of mediocrity.

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    ...tricks deserve applause, style deserves respect

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