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Thread: I-Cloud Scam ?

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    I-Cloud Scam ?

    I just got a phone call telling me that there have been multiple accesses to my I-Cloud account from Texas and Connecticut (where I do live).

    I very briefly had an I-phone several years ago and set up an I-Cloud accordingly. I have never used nor remember accessing the I-Cloud.

    When the person got to point where he asked me to goto "Settings / Security" I hung up.

    Is this a new "I am from Microsoft security and need to access your computer" scam?

    Currently I have an Andriod phone and a non Apple laptop.

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    I would guess it is a scam the Mrs would get those calls quite often and almost fell for them a couple of times. It was time for a new computer for her anyway so I bought her a Ubuntu desktop and all that shit stopped.
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    Never got a call, but I get a iCloud account emails all the time and never have had an iCloud account for an Apple Device. Hang up and if you suspect there could be a real problem, reach out to on the issue directly.

    Here is an article that sounds like it could apply and be similar:

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    These clowns were calling me daily for a while a year or so back.

    At one point I told the guy on the phone we had a trace on them and were about to knock the front door down - he let his guard down and started taunting me. Complete scam.

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