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    check out these skis Thuntuk made, and it looks like cousin should sue DPS for patent infringemet eh? This guy is 77 and he looks pretty good,

    Maybe not so much for going DH but for hunting I seen a vid where the hunters were easily able to run down a deer in a meter of snow, the deer couldn't move and these guys could just walk up and slit its throat

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    Thuntuk is my doppleganger
    Yes he is. I think of you every damn time I see that pic, lol
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    A ski bud sent me the picture so I use it on my FB page and some people did think the image was me !
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    goddamn that is a powerful image. How long are those things? They look giant, different from what the Russian guy is making.

    Not sure if it's in that clip I linked but in the "Happy People" doc one of the trappers talks about how they make a couple pairs for various times in the season, the shortest ones are for late fall because apparently the moss grows so thick and spongey there that it's just easier to get around on skis... There are a few more clips of him skiin' around though and nothing he's on is very long, maybe like 180 max. Definitely wide though. Just narrow enough to not be annoying.

    There's also these guys for a different take on it:

    Thought I had everything I needed for this quarantine but what I'd give for a straight-grained log and a couple of sturdy cauldrons...

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