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    Co-worker had a geriatric dog with surprise!! POOP!! issues. She also had a robocalls-sucker. It was not a pretty sight when it proceeded to smear 3 accidents around her lighter colored living room carpet.
    Gravity. It's the law.

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    “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
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    the wife has been advocating for a robot vacuum for a while. since our 10 y/o dyson has been beginning to struggle, we decided to try explore this brave new world. I found a roborock s5 refurb on amazon for like $350. so far so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody Famous View Post
    Any opinions or reviews?Have been thinking about one for a living room/dining room with hardwood floors. The new, high end models have on board cameras presumably so when you're away from the house you can see the vacuum doing its thing under tables and sofas.
    If you ask me for advice I would suggest you use Roomba 655. I am using it, is good enough and also has a long-lasting battery.I lost the link where i got the reviews couple of weeks back. I searched a little bit online. That is also good enough i already read it you may check,

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